January 2024

  • improved messaging system on the website

October 2023

  • Improved the usability of the ‘Report a problem with this member’ page

  • Improved pagination in the search gallery

September 2023

  • Added a dropdown menu in the search to enable members to search for a specified gender of PA or PA User

  • Added a way for members to give a rating to a member who has blocked them

  • Ability to view just new members who have joined in the monthly new member emails

August 2023

  • Updated social media icons and links to profiles

  • Added "Back to search" button to the Inbox page, create message and reply to message pages

  • Added filtering to first messages between members to combat spam and increase security

July 2023

  • Messages inbox and sent messages pages are now showing the unread messages first. Before they were sorted by "created at" date.

  • Updated "Blocked Profiles" page (menu My Settings > Blocked Profiles) - now has a list of "members who have blocked me" with buttons to report problems with a member.

  • Updated members' profile pages with a message "You haven’t yet been in contact with this member" or "You last contacted this member on XX.XX.XXXX" in sidebar.

  • Updated account deletion emails - now email have more account details, like username, email address, date of registration and deletion date. It should be easier for our members to see which of their accounts are affected.

  • Added Google reCaptcha for more security on the website. From now on it will be more difficult for bots to access our pages and to submit forms.

  • Updated "Someone on your shortlist is looking" email - now clicking on the button will redirect to the member's profile page instead of shortlist page.

  • PAs can now specify their country of residence and then PA Users can search for PAs with UK residence. Search is ignoring this field by default. PAs will see new message on their screens asking them to update their profiles.

  • Added note to profiles showing if / when a you last messaged that member

  • Added ability to report a member who has blocked you

  • Updated link to member profile from a 'Someone on your shortlist is looking' email

  • Latest Website Updates button so you can track all the latest improvements

June 2023

  • Further measures to prevent banned members from re-joining

  • Clean database

  • Introduce email validity entered on registration

  • Introduce new subscription tiers for PAs

  • New automatic email reply to sender if they message a member who is not currently subscribed 

May 2023

  • New page explaining Curam Approved Badges and Premium PAs.

  • Clearer instruction for uploading a profile photo

April 2023

  • Added the compulsory entering of DBS numbers for PAs stating they have DBS or Enhanced DBS Checks

  • Added Suspended member category to the Administration Dashboard

  • When a member tries to view a profile and that member is ‘Hidden’, ‘Blocked’ or ‘Awaiting Approval’ an explanatory message is displayed rather than an error page

  • Forced ID Verification for any PA who joined before August 2022 and who has no profile photo

  • Stopped email notifications for members who have blocked each other

  • Added the compulsory entering of UTR number if a PA ticks Self Employed

  • Added option to specify PAYE or Self-Employed employment status

March 2023

  • Update How PA Pool Works information

  • Update Big Idea page

  • Add Curam Care Approved badges to profiles of PAs who have been screened, interviewed and vetted by Curam Care

February 2023

  • Changed the background of the ‘My PA Pool’ dashboard so it is now blue when your status is “I’m Sorted” and green when your status is “I’m Looking”.

  • Pop up reminders when a member takes out a subscription to say either that your status is currently set at “I’m Sorted”, your profile is set to “Hidden” or your profile has not yet been approved so can’t be viewed.