If there's something you'd like to ask which isn't answered below, please email katy@papool.co.uk.

Why is PA Pool better than placing or answering an advert?

PA Pool is a specialised PA / PA User introduction site, you won't find adverts for anything else here! The easy-to-fill-in Profile form allows all your relevant information to be stored on the PA Pool database meaning you only have write about you and what you're looking for once! Other Members can then view your Profile and see exactly what you're looking for. With PA Pool you don't have to wait for someone to find you either - take control - you can do tailored searches specific to your needs and find that suitable person quickly and easily! Finally, you don't have to subscribe (PA Users) until you've found someone your interested in, from there on a website email service keeps your personal contact details safe until you decide the time is right to call or meet the person.

Will my personal details be available to anyone?

Only people who have become registered Members of PA Pool will be able to see the details you have given in your Profile. Your personal details such as full name and email address will never be seen by other Members and are used by PA Pool for administration purposes. Your postcode is only used by PA Pool to calculate travelling distances for prospective employers/employees and will not be visible to other Members.

I just want to search for people, why should I create a profile?

Creating a Profile is not compulsory, but by doing so you can let other Members know you're looking and therefore double your chances of finding a suitable person! It's quick and easy to do and remember you only have to do it once!

How do I tell someone I’m interested?

If you find someone you're Interested in then you can email them through the PA Pool website (PA Users have to be subscribed to use this service). You can choose to continue secure communication through the website email until you feel ready to take your introduction to a telephone call or meeting - from that point it's up to you!

What happens if I experience a problem with a member?

It is never easy putting trust in someone you hardly know, and unfortunately sometimes problems can occur whether it be related to work ethics, criminal acts or a simple clash of personalities. Although PA Pool members are themselves responsible for carrying out relevant checks on employers/employees prior to employment, we are constantly striving to uphold the integrity of the website and build a safer community for both PAs and PA Users. In order to do this effectively we rely on members reporting misconduct from other members, be it from the employer or employee side. Any complaints against members are taken most seriously, so please don't ever feel embarrassed about telling us.

If you ever experience a problem with a member please let us know as soon as possible, by clicking the "REPORT" button on the profile of the member you wish to complain about and give us as much detail as possible regarding the issue. Complaints are kept on record and each one is investigated, we do not hesitate in permanently barring members if deemed necessary.

Please contact us immediately about:

  • General misconduct or criminal activity
  • Inappropriate language being used in a profile or via the website email
  • Incorrect or inaccurate profile information
  • Anyone using the website for purposes other than for what it is intended

Recruiting a Personal Assistant

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Being a Personal Assistant

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